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TItle: “ole”

Starring; Bimbo Akintola and Daniella Okeke


Vivian and Joke have been good wives to their husbands Ade and Phillip – even though they plead the men resign from their job.

The two men have worked their assess off for years as lawyers for Gbenro Akande, a business tycoon and suspected criminal. They promise to do so at some point and inform their client.

Gbenro seems okay with it and gives them parting bonuses. That night some of his men raid the homes of these men and kill them before their wives, making sure they are told that no one walks away from him – especially when they know so much about him and his business.

The police can’t touch Gbenro. They are afraid to. He has too many politicians in his pocket, so the women decide it’s time to make this happen themselves.

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