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About Me

My name is Onuora Onianwa. Yes, this is my website. Oshey mehn! You are in the right place, I assure you. Just take a good look around and I guarantee you will find things of interest – whether you are a designer, aspiring one or a person or business in need of my services. 

I have been active in the design industry for over a decade now and I trust that with my wealth of experience and skills, I can meet your design needs. 

I am a creative director, graphic designer, copywriter and author, a former columnist for The Sunday Punch and radio show co-host (The Couch Sessions on HOT 98.3 FM, Abuja) with El–Giva Stephen – Phew! That was a lot. No, I am not done yet. Hang on a bit.

I combine my job with passion for writing, public speaking, personal development and social entrepreneurship. I offer limited personal coaching, business classes, staff training, design tutorials and business consultation.

I love to build brands and take on design projects to create visually stunning and functional work. Feel free to look at some of my work and get in touch so we can work together on making your design projects become a reality. 

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I Am A Writer

My love for writing has allowed me guest write for blogs, have my pieces shared online on several [platforms and even performed in some schools as drama pieces.

I Am A Business Consultant

As a result of working in the creative industry in roles which enabled me to build (develop) brands from scratch and create new ones, I began to take a more…

I Am A Designer

I come from a family of artists/illustrators and so I grew up with a creative spirit and in a very creative space. Now, as much as my parents were of the mindset that…

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I would like to work with you to create a stunning cover for your book this year – for online and print publishing. I also offer format and typesetting services for your manuscript.