I Am A Business Consultant

As a result of working in the creative industry in roles which enabled me to build (develop) brands from scratch and create new ones, I began to take a more focused approach to brand building, development and communication, such that I set up a training course for new and existing business owners to learn the skills needed to start up their brands or take them to the next level.

The course is aptly named the Shift Masterclass as it takes on the task of helping business owners and employees of companies shift their focus and learn new and more effective ways to boost their businesses and increase sales.

The course is handled on and offline – depending on the individual or company requirements – and runs through for a month. Each module of the course takes participants through a series of lessons that cover topics like brand guides, brand communication and brand consistency, customer care, database use, promotion and advertising, SMART tools, selling points, brand differentiation and more.

I would love to help your brand get to its fullest potential. Please do get in touch and let us have a conversation about it.

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I Am A Writer

My love for writing has allowed me guest write for blogs, have my pieces shared online on several [platforms and even performed in some schools as drama pieces.

I Am A Designer

I come from a family of artists/illustrators and so I grew up with a creative spirit and in a very creative space. Now, as much as my parents were of the mindset that…

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Get a professional design today

I would like to work with you to create a stunning cover for your book this year – for online and print publishing. I also offer format and typesetting services for your manuscript.