I Am A Designer

I come from a family of artists/illustrators and so I grew up with a creative spirit and in a very creative space. Now, as much as my parents were of the mindset that I needed to study a “professional course” that would make me money even as I transition with it into a career, they never tried to stifle my creativity and love for drawing.

I also had an uncle who has passed on now, Ikemefuna Onianwa, who had an immense love for my drawings even when they were anything but grand. He always encouraged me to continue and anytime he came around to see my dad or the family, he would ask me to show him some of my latest work and tell him what it was that he was looking at. He was a big push for me and so it did not take long for me to develop a love for illustration and graphic design.

This love pushed me to buy the software and start trying to learn how to use it. I admit I sucked at first. Ok that is not entirely accurate. I sucked for a long time, but I was learning and growing. I eventually got a good handle on it and began to design professionally, and I have been improving on it ever since, adding more and more to my skillset as the years go by. I have successfully created work for the print and digital space for over ten years now.

Being a part of training groups and attending design courses with people like James Abinibi at the Abinibi Creative Centre and Chuks Sunesis at the Daystar Skill Acquisition Program helped give me a much-needed boost with respect to skill and knowledge about the business side of graphic design and being a creative.

Armed with this and more I continue to push myself into new territory and grow in my craft. The latest of my work is a series of movie spoofs which combine my love and skill for writing with my passion for design. I have created a huge collection of movies with their own unique titles, storylines and characters. You may find them in the works section under movie spoofs.

I hope with these plenty points of mine, I have been able to convince you…you know the rest. I would love to work with you to bring all your design projects to life – be they flyers, posters, logos, entire brand identities and more. Please do get in touch and let us work together on them.

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I Am A Writer

My love for writing has allowed me guest write for blogs, have my pieces shared online on several [platforms and even performed in some schools as drama pieces.

I Am A Business Consultant

As a result of working in the creative industry in roles which enabled me to build (develop) brands from scratch and create new ones, I began to take a more…

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I would like to work with you to create a stunning cover for your book this year – for online and print publishing. I also offer format and typesetting services for your manuscript.