I Am A Writer

I remember when my class teacher in secondary school punished me for not only being a member of the press club and becoming its president. Now, if you have been a part of school clubs in Nigerian secondary schools, you would know that the press club is a literature and arts type pf club where the emphasis is on writing, speaking and growing in both.

I was a science student at the time so it wa odd but not impossible to be a member of the club and its president. My teacher however was not having it and decided that punishing me for it was the best way to go. I eventually agreed to her terms and joined the Jets Club – a club for science students – but I stole away a few times to the press club. Even when I became Jet Club President, I continued with this course of action.

I have always loved to write and so it only made sense that at some point I would become a creative writer and author. My love for writing began as far back as my early years when I had my parent’s library at my disposal. I was a voracious reader and took in everything I came across from biographies to poetry, fictional work and even the dictionary! I could not get enough of books.

By the time I was a student of the University of Port Harcourt, I had written three fictional books, one of which is now being made into a TV series, and many short stories and poems. My love for writing has allowed me guest write for blogs, have my pieces shared online on several [platforms and even performed in some schools as drama pieces. It also has led me to be a one-time columnist for the Sunday punch for over a year.

I have also written a self-help book on relationships and marriage titled; “Through Love’s Eyes” which is available for purchase and a new book, “Through Hope’s Eyes” is on the way. I am excited for the direction in which my writing has taken me, from copywriting for brands and ads to books and being a columnist.

Feel free to get in touch about any questions or comments you have and if per chance you have a desire for me to write for your platform or publications, please do get in touch.

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