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TItle: “BetrotHed”

Starring; Kenneth Okolie and Damilola Adegbite  


Jude Ofor wants to get ahead in the world. He’s introduced by a friend to a fraternity which would get him all the riches but there’s a catch. He must have a spirit companion – a wife he must never deny. She will give him favour and riches but he can never be in a relationship or married.

Jude becomes a billionaire, owning businesses across the globe but he is lonely. He is also facing pressure from home to get a wife. He cuts ties with the fraternity.

He also starts to date but the brotherhood and spirit wife are not having it. The businesses crash, the wealth dries up, his girlfriend falls ill and in time she is taken over by the demon. Will Jude survive this ordeal? Will his lover and family?

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