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Lock Down

TItle: “Lock Down”

Starring; Falz nd Beverly Naya 


Rotimi is a struggling entrepreneur but hia business isn’t paying off. His girlfriend Adunni is doing her best to support him but things are hard. There is also pressure from her family to dump him and marry Daniel whose father is a billionaire and himself runs his own international company. How can Rotimi compete?

After an encounter with Daniel which leads to him being beaten and hospitalised, Rotimi has had enough. He takes matters into his own hands and joins a gang of scam artists (yahoo boys) and soon he is rolling in millions. He marries the girl of his dreams but she doesn’t know his office a front for his real activities.

Rotimi sees Daniel one day who presents doctored images that Adunni is his lover. Rotimi believes it and separated from her. 

He then plans to scam Daniel and ruin him but the plan fails. He and his people are also exposed. Now he is running from his former parters and the law. What will Adunni do? What will Rotimi’s end be?


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