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Damage Control


Starring; David Onuorah, Beverly Naya  and Monalisa Chinda


Phillip Onuorah has just ended an unsuccessful tour against Boko Haram where many of his friends are killed. This shakes and haunts him day and night. Unfortunately his sister, an investigative reporter, was killed while he was away on duty and so he comes home to the painful news of her death.

Broken hearted, he tries to piece together her last weeks before she died and soon it becomes clear that she didn’t die in a simple car accident as initially stated. Further investigation reveals she was about to blow the lid on a human trafficking and sex worker ring headed by a senator and fearing exposure – she was silenced.

Phillip’s moves to get justice are ignored and soon he is threatened as well. Now, enraged and disappointed yet again in his country, he is set to go to war again. And this time, he intends to win.

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