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Starring; David Oyelowo @davidoyelowo and Monalisa Chinda @monalisacode


Ayobami Oyejide is a quiet, mild – mannered accountant who has witnessed a few governments come and go but has more than a few issues with this present one.

A burden within him grows to do something about it and it is fanned to flames when some youths protesting the arrival of their governor at the state house is met with violence and death.

The youths peacefully prostested his draconian policies and embezzlement of state funds and his security agents open fire on them then propagate a lie on national television that they were violent and his life was in danger.

Ayo can take this no longer. He steps up to become a member of the house of reps in his locale. His wife isn’t all for the idea but comes to see the need for real change.

Politics, threats and bribery come at them both but he stands his ground. He wants to make a change and he intends to start with this governor…

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